Saturday, November 1, 2014

The individual and the government

Chris Bishop is a new list member of Parliament. He contested the Hutt Central seat for the National Party, he is a former debating champion and a Young Nat. He is proud to be a libertarian, and is a firm believer that the interest of the individual should take precedence over the interest of the community, the state, the government.  May be I misunderstood the article about him in the Hutt News. Perhaps by individuals he didn't mean corporates. For example, the government built state of the art power stations using renewable energy, These were built using tax payer funds over the years and thus belonged to the people, the state, the country. For purely ideological reasons the government flogged some of these power generators off. There was no suggestion that private enterprise would make the rivers flow faster, the sun shine brighter, so that these power generators would function more efficiently. The only ones who profitted from these sales, and they profited very handsomely, are corporate investment funds, and perhaps a few large private investors. These power generating companies have returned good profits for the shareholders, mainly international investors, not the local pa and ma investors as the launch was sold in. These profits were made at the expense of the poor succers, the users of electricity, the manufactures who generate the wealth of the country and so on. Sure some individuals benefitted, but the vast majority, who make up the cpountry, who voted for the government were ripped off and will continue to be riupped off until a government takes over that is prepared to regulate profits for the good of the majority of the people.